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Nostradamus Loved India Too

Interrupted By Gautam Date

Nostri didn't just pen on the WTC and Princess Di. He was really focussed and found time from his busy schedule to some diversional humour to periodically check out India. Some scrolls in the possession of Nusta Khallas prove it.

In the year of nulls surrounded by twos
A great rolling metal will be stopped by fools
Two containers will be on ignition
In turmoil will be an entire nation
Many Histers will come forth to outrage
Seen from heavens as evil carnage
Great clouds of black will bellow
From cities of Sabarmati set aglow

Our man decides to take a break, it was revealed but is instantly fired by the flash he gets of the antics he anticipates in Ayodhya
The monkey god will find it is but ample
Yet donkeys will turn to asses to make temple
Hordes get around to form band
Therefor to usurp illegal land
Holy seers will come to the fore
As arseholes never seen before

In the year of all nulls and zero
Judaism is yet to be born hero
Caste, creed and religion will henceforth wail
They leave and have humanity to no avail

(E&OE, Nusta Khallas)
Copyright Deserved